Vocational Rehabilitation Process

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Process At-A-Glance

1) Contact your local Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS) field office or complete the referral form.

2) Meet with a counselor to complete the application for services.

3) Provide medical records and/or participate in assessments offered through ARS.

4) Receive eligibility determination from a counselor within 60 days of application.

5) Meet with a counselor to develop an Individual Plan for Employment (IPE) within 90 days of eligibility determination.

I - Individualized: Explore individual strengths to identify your work goal.
P - Plan: Develop a plan to help you meet your work goal.
E - Employment: Engage with your counselor and service providers to obtain skills needed to obtain and/or maintain your work goal.

6) Services will be implemented and continue until employment is obtained and maintained for 90 days.

7) The case will be closed after 90 days of employment.


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