ESL Programs

English as a Second Language

Arkansas adult education centers and literacy councils provide instruction for beginners to advanced adult English language learners. Students can receive instruction in speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, citizenship, and workplace language skills designed to accommodate any language ability. Programs can also assist students with high school equivalency degrees and post-secondary preparation.

Each adult education center and literacy council has unique programs, events, and schedules to address the local needs of the students. Classes are open enrollment so students can join classes at any time. Programs may offer one on one tutoring, small groups, and large classes in addition to Distance Learning opportunities. Students are assessed with standardized tests to see their progress and address their needs. Program staff and instructors are trained to assist students with their educational, employment, and language goals.

With improved language skills, students can access community resources, improve employment opportunities, or enroll in college or vocational training programs in addition to having a greater voice and involvement in their community.

ESL Instructors/Directors

The Division of Workforce Services, Adult Education holds trainings and an annual English as a Second Language (ESL) Institute for teachers of adult ESL learners.

Any interested teachers should contact:

Arkansas Adult Learning Resource Center (AALRC)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 501-907-2490

For questions regarding ESL program content and development, contact:

Wendy Kittler
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 501-682-1973


ESL Curriculum Guidelines

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