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Top 25 GED® Scorers Prepare for New Chapter

Top GED Scorer

LITTLE ROCK – When Mason Weldon got word that he scored well on his GED® exam, he thought test administrators meant he achieved a high mark when comparing others’ results who also took the exam at the Saline County Adult Education Center. But then he got clarification. Weldon had the 24th highest score in the state! “I’m really excited. I didn’t realize it would be like that,” he said. Weldon attended the annual “Top 25 Ceremony,” which recognizes the test takers who rank in the top 25 for their achievement on the GED® exam among all test takers in the state. In 2015, 4,304 Arkansans took the test. The recognition took place at the Old Supreme Court Chamber at the Arkansas State Capitol. Usually accompanied with their families and GED® instructors, the honorees are not only celebrated but also encouraged to continue on to become contributing members of society. “This is just the beginning,” said Trenia Miles, Ed.D., Deputy Director for Adult Education. “If you need to come ‘home’ to get that encouragement and for resources, we are always here for you,” Miles added. Arkansas consistently ranks as one of the top states with the highest pass rates on the exam. In 2015, Arkansas had a pass rate of 87 percent, which surpassed the national pass rate of 67 percent. GED® leaders unveiled a brand new format in 2014, which is now computer-based and tests on four components with two extended response questions. The new format reflects the current learning methods outlined by the Career and College Readiness Standards.

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