Former ARS Client Lands Dream Career as a Nurse

Morgan Gilbert RN

LITTLE ROCK - Morgan Gilbert is living the life of which she has dreamed at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

“I have a love for people, and I don’t like seeing them sick. If I can make a difference, I feel like I’m reaching my goals,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert is one of the newest registered nurses at ACH.  Things for her have really begun to fall into place. She graduated from UAMS in May.  She took and passed the NCLEX in July (on the first try!) and started her nursing career later that month.

Her love for children makes her even more excited to be at ACH.

“Caring for children is awesome. I actually get to be a kid,” she said.  “Kids are awesome, even when they’re sick.  They still like to play. I’m really goofy. Kids really bring it out.”

The bubbly nurse has not always been vivacious, she explains.

A few years ago, she was diagnosed with anxiety and had to be treated for it.  She discovered it in her early 20s while in class.

“I remember sitting in my seat and all of a sudden, starting with the left side of my head, I started getting numb, and it just went down.  My arm was getting numb.  I remember my cousin sitting behind me, and she was like ‘Are you okay?’ I said, ‘No, I’m not,’ Gilbert said.

Gilbert went to the hospital.  After medical personnel ran multiple tests, doctors diagnosed her with anxiety. 

“Even now it’s still hard when you’re in stressful situations and when you see areas in which you can improve.  You literally have to learn to put it in God’s hands,” Gilbert said.

After beginning therapy, Gilbert’s mother encouraged her to connect with Arkansas Rehabilitation Services.  Not only did ARS help her with financing school, but Gilbert also found the encouragement she needed to reach her goal of becoming a nurse.

She credits her counselor, Lynda Olden, for helping her accomplish the milestone.

“She called and checked on me.  ARS took the stress off of me.  She talked to me.  Every semester she made sure I was okay,” Gilbert said. 

Gilbert said the financial assistance she received from ARS lowered her anxiety levels when it came to paying for school.  She could focus on her studies.

She said she would not be where she is today without ARS.

“They walk you through it. They’ll be there for you.  They’ll help you and will be there with you emotionally,” Gilbert said.

(Photo: Morgan Gilbert)
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