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All divisions within the Arkansas Department of Career Education are focused on delivering industry-focused, demand-driven education and training.

The Arkansas Department of Career Education's mission is to prepare a job-ready, career-bound workforce to meet the needs of Arkansas employers. We do this through four distinct divisions. These divisions provide a comprehensive system of education and workforce programs and services to accomplish the following:

  • to provide both youth and adults the necessary academic and technical skills for meaningful jobs;
  • to work with business and industry to identify and provide grants for workforce training needs;
  • to offer Arkansans of all ages the options to pursue a wide range of career choices;
  • to ensure that workers have the foundation for lifelong learning that will allow them to enhance their existing skills and also to learn new skills in response to the current and future demands of a rapidly changing workplace;
  • to assist individuals with disabilities in becoming productive citizens and workers; and
  • to supply employers with validation of skills through national certifications and licenses.

FFA Connects Generations at The Arkansas State Fair

State Fair

LITTLE ROCK - The Arkansas State Fair is an excellent place for families to have fun and make memories together. For 16-year-old Whitney Walker and her family, special memories were made at this year’s State Fair. Whitney, a junior at Prairie Grove High School and FFA member, was able to show a steer that she raised herself at her first State Fair. “It’s a tradition in my family to raise and show steers, and I’m excited to be showing at my first State Fair,” she said.

As it turns out, Whitney had a good reason to be excited. Steve O, her first State Fair steer, ended up taking the Grand Champion Steer award.  What makes this honor even more exciting for Whitney is the fact that her father, Eric Walker, won the same prize with his steer at the State Fair 25 years ago. 

Eric Walker, who was FFA State President in 1992, said this experience as a family just couldn't be beaten. “It gets a little emotional. My dad and I did this together, and it’s just a great experience to have my kids follow in my footsteps,” he said.

Even though Steve O was auctioned off for $18,000 at the fair’s Sale of Champions, it’s the bond this experience brought to this family that was the biggest payoff.

“We’re building lifetime memories together here at the fair,” Eric Walker said.

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